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Members can use our Healthcare Navigation service where one of our expert advisors will find everything they need quickly and thoroughly. From appointment scheduling to physician searches to health cost estimates, this service empowers members with healthcare knowledge while saving time spent dealing with healthcare issues.

Surgery costs can vary greatly from facility to facility. Each member has access to an experienced advisor who will shop up to five surgical facilities in the member’s area to get the best price, quality and availability for non-emergency procedures. Providing this information helps members make an informed decision.

When a member incurs large, out-of-pocket medical bills, their Karis360 advisor will assign a patient advocate to work directly with the member’s healthcare providers to help reduce their medical bills. A member’s advocate can help lower the patient responsible portion of the medical bills to something more manageable.

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The Karis Group is built on the vision to make healthcare work—for everyone. By creating personalized options, providing exemplary service and delivering superior results, The Karis Group’s products and services help clients, companies and individual members tackle the stress and expense of the healthcare world today.

We are a company built on values and carry this through our work with our employees and with our members and clients every day. We are not the “norm” in healthcare. We want to be different, we want to be exceptional. We care.

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A career at The Karis Group brings you into an environment of growth, caring and inspiration. We are passionate about our values. We are passionate about growing our employees. We are passionate about excellence. We truly care—for one another and for our clients and members.

We enjoy talking with inspirational, caring, driven people. Think The Karis Group could be the perfect fit for you? We’d love to hear from you!

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