Benefit Providers

Increase Member Satisfaction and Revenue Without Increasing Costs

Retain more members, gain new members

Improve customer retention and gain new customers by bundling Karis360 services with your plans. Karis360 helps you increase member satisfaction and creates a robust revenue stream through added benefits and better support without increasing internal costs or customer prices.




Your members aren’t alone when navigating the healthcare world with Karis360. We provide each member a personal, expert Advisor to address his or her healthcare needs. Karis360 helps members become more knowledgeable healthcare consumers - saving them time and money.

By using Healthcare Navigator, a provider can offer this benefit and increase revenue without increasing staffing to manage the benefit. Once a member is enrolled, Karis360’s Healthcare Navigator is self­-sufficient and takes care of all the work.

Karis360 provides each of your members an Advisor who shops up to five surgical facilities to get the best price, quality, physician privileges and availability for non­emergency procedures. This information helps reduce costs for members and benefit providers.

Originally created for self-funded employer groups, Surgery Saver is a very unique tool in the industry in that it delivers actual savings through real pricing transparency. Lower out-of-­pocket bills result in happier members and cost savings for the benefit provider.

A Karis360 Advisor assigns a dedicated Patient Advocate to work directly with a member’s healthcare providers to help reduce their medical bills. Advocates can help lower the out­-of-pocket portion of medical bills to something more manageable for the member.

This product delivers real, meaningful results for plans which translates into satisfied, long-term customers. By solving the problems created by daunting medical bills, Bill Negotiator is a tremendous value ­add.

Let us show you how you can differentiate yourself from other providers and increase benefits satisfaction for your members

Savings Opportunity

With Surgery Saver, members have seen an average of a 66% savings opportunity, translating to an average of nearly $13,000 in savings per case

Concierge Service

Hands­-on concierge service to help members with all their healthcare questions or needs which means customer satisfaction and retention for you

More Savings

Unparalleled savings through negotiation on average 80% since 2008

Karis was an excellent representative in helping lower the overall cost of my medical bills.

Give added value to your members by including Karis360’s unique set of services to your plans. Karis360 makes benefit plans more robust by providing your members with support, information, options and real cost savings. Karis360 positively transforms the member’s healthcare experience. Through these services, Karis360 increases member satisfaction without increasing your costs.

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