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If you are looking to improve what you already sell, Karis360 is a comprehensive healthcare benefit that addresses the real needs of your clients and their members. Karis360 handles all of the health care headache and serves as the broker’s behind the scenes team.




Karis360 members aren’t alone when navigating the healthcare world. We provide each member with an expert Advisor to address healthcare questions. Karis360 helps your members make informed, time and money-­saving decisions on their health care.

By using Karis360’s Healthcare Navigator, a broker can save their client’s members time and money, a luxury in today's world. Karis360 handles all client on-boarding for the broker and adds a hands-­on approach to resolve your client’s healthcare needs.

Each Karis360 member has access to an experienced Advisor who will research up to five surgical facilities in the member’s area to get the best price, quality, physician privileges and availability for non­emergency procedures. This information reduces the cost of time spent away from work researching facilities.

Surgery Saver is a tremendous benefit for a broker’s clients in that the savings through pricing transparency go right to their bottom line. Surgery Saver provides an extra benefit for your client's members as it minimizes their cost while ensuring optimal pricing when they have a high deductible plan.

Medical bills are confusing and members spend time away from work dealing with their inquiries. With Karis360, a client’s members are given a dedicated Patient Advocate who works directly with a member’s healthcare providers to help reduce their out-of-pocket medical bills.

This benefit truly helps the client’s members. Bill Negotiator is like giving a “hidden” pay raise to their member in the form of significantly reduced healthcare expenses. By solving the stress created by medical bills, Karis360 adds value for a broker’s clients and their members.

Let us show you how Karis360 products can help you sell more and improve client on­boarding

Save Money

Surgery Saver average potential savings is 66% with a savings opportunity per case of $13,000

Concierge Service

Hands­-on concierge service to help members with all their healthcare questions or needs which means customer satisfaction and retention for you

Bill Negotiation

Our overall savings percentage for all clients for negotiation is 80% since 2008

I just want to commend the Karis360 team. Not only are they doing a great job serving our members, they are a tremendous help to me as well.  Thank you!

Karis360 saves your clients and their members real money and time. Brokers can white label the product and increase the value of what they are already selling. As your behind the scenes team, Karis360 reduces member dependency on an employer HR department by handling client requests and concerns.

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