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A comprehensive suite of services that make healthcare work

With our concierge services, members don’t have to deal with their healthcare questions and issues alone. Karis360 Advisors will assist members with healthcare needs including finding doctors and healthcare facilities in their area, obtaining best available pricing for procedures and prescriptions and we can even schedule appointments. With Healthcare Navigator, your members will save time and money.

You need surgery. What’s next? With Karis360, members have access to an experienced Advisor who will research up to five surgical facilities in the member’s designated area to get the best available price, quality, physician privileges and availability for non-emergency procedures. With this information, members can make an informed, money-saving decision.

With Karis360, members are given a dedicated patient advocate who works directly with a member’s healthcare providers to help reduce their out-of-pocket medical bills. Patient Advocates can help lower these medical costs to something more manageable for the member.

Benefit Providers

See how Karis360 can assist benefit providers in increasing member satisfaction through added benefits and better support

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Third-Party Administrators

See how Karis360 can help third-party administrators increase revenue without increasing the workload of your team

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Insurance Brokers

See how Karis360 allows brokers to spend more time selling and less time with on-boarding and healthcare paperwork

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Karis360 does a great job getting prescription pricing for our members. We are very impressed and happy with the excellent help our members and our team receives!

With our comprehensive suite of services, Karis360 positively transforms the member’s healthcare experience while providing exemplary service that delivers superior results. Contact us below for more information on our services and how we can help you!