Serving a Higher Purpose

The Karis Group mission involves helping people deal with the complexities of the healthcare marketplace.   We are a leader in providing the needed guidance, expertise and desired outcomes in the patient advocacy marketplace. We are an innovator in providing new options and alternative ways to provide for one’s healthcare and related expenses. Yet, we humbly recognize our work is part of a greater plan. Our team looks to positively impact each person we serve, and in turn, we look to assist the less fortunate in the greater community.

Our mission has always involved helping others and in our charitable work, we contribute our time and financial support of missions, ministries, and other faith-based initiatives in the Austin, Texas community and around the world.

Each and every day, we hold a higher purpose to our daily work beyond financial success. Our organization sets aside 10% of its profits each month for charitable work in the Austin, Texas community as well as ministry work around the world.

On February 25, 2017 our team attended the blessing and dedication of a “tiny house” that took Ramon (pictured in his work safety vest) from being homeless to a brighter future.