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Brokers: Karis360 is your behind-the-scenes team

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Increase Sales Without Increasing Your Workload.

If you are an Insurance Broker looking to improve what you already sell, Karis360 is a comprehensive healthcare benefit that addresses the real needs of your clients and their members. Karis360 handles the healthcare headache and serves as your behind the scenes team.

One element of our comprehensive services especially appealing to Insurance Brokers is the ability to customize and automate our solutions for your clients and their members. Our full-service approach allows you, as a Broker, to increase your sales without increasing your workload:

Karis360 saves your clients and their members’ real money and time. Insurance Brokers can use Karis360 to increase the value of what they are already selling. As a Broker’s healthcare behind-the-scenes team, Karis360 reduces member dependency on client’s customer service departments by handling client requests and concerns.

“I just want to commend the Karis360 team. Not only are they doing a great job serving our members, they are a tremendous help to me as well.  Thank you!” Robert – COO – Karis360 Client.

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