Karis360 Solutions

Karis360 positively transforms the healthcare experience through dedicated healthcare services meeting your healthcare needs from start to finish. Individuals do not have retail access to Karis360, however, through our valued client relationships, you have access to these services:

Healthcare Navigator

Karis360 Advisors are available to address healthcare questions, concerns, and needs. Advisors assist in physician, prescription cost, and healthcare facility searches, as well as health cost estimates, alternative medicine options, lab and imaging services and Affordable Care Act questions, and more.

Surgery Saver

Surgery costs can vary greatly from facility to facility, and in our experience, we have seen a 66% cost difference for the same surgical procedure with no appreciable difference in quality. A dedicated Advisor shops up to five surgical facilities to verify the best available price, quality and availability for non-emergency procedures, as well as physician privilege verification. Providing this information to members just like you can help reduce costs as members can typically see nearly a $13,000 average savings opportunity through this service.

Bill Negotiator

A dedicated Patient Advocate works directly with your healthcare provider to help reduce your out-of-pocket portion of medical bills. To be eligible for Bill Negotiator, you must be an active member of a plan or program that includes Karis360 at the time of your related medical incident.


On-staff Chaplains, both male and female, are available to spend time with you on the phone, listening and providing support and encouragement. Sustaining, guiding, healing and reconciling, they help members find answers and direction.