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Karis360 Services Summary

Our member services are based on the Karis360 patient advocacy services platform. The services provided under your specific membership may vary, given our work is customized for each organization who ultimately offers you services. No matter what services you have with us, please send us your inquiry and we will take it from there.

Karis Healthcare Navigator

Karis360 Advisors are available to address healthcare questions, concerns, and needs before, during and after a health care event. Members can assistance, information and helpful guidance. Advisors may assist in locating a physician, reducing prescription costs, transferring medical records, and finding a healthcare facility, lab or imaging services.

Karis Surgery Saver

Surgery costs can vary greatly from facility to facility, and in our experience, we have seen significant cost differences (up to 66%) for the same surgical procedure with no appreciable difference in quality. A dedicated Advisor shops up to five surgical facilities to verify the best available price, quality and availability for non-emergency procedures, as well as physician privilege verification.

Karis Bill Negotiator

A dedicated Patient Advocate works directly with your healthcare provider to help reduce your out-of-pocket portion of medical bills. To be eligible for Bill Negotiator, you must be an active member of a plan or program that includes Karis Bill Negotiator at the time of your related medical incident an outstanding bill(s) balance exceeding a stated threshold dollar amount.

Karis Chaplaincy Service

On-staff Chaplains, both male and female, are available to spend time with you on the phone, listening and providing emotional or spiritual support and encouragement. Sustaining, guiding, healing and reconciling, they help members find answers and direction in a challenging time.

Not a Member?

Membership in Karis360 is secured through our valued client relationships, including those with major insurance companies, as well as through employers who offer our services as an employee benefit, including churches, faith-based schools, and hospitals. If you do not have a customer relationship or employer that offers our services, we offer help when dealing with the out-of-pocket medical bill balances you may have after insurance, if any, has paid their portion of your expense. To learn more, please visit Medical Bill Mediation.