The Karis Group’s vision is to make healthcare work.
Not just for our clients and members, but for everyone.

This is a bold statement. How does one company make something as complicated and expensive as healthcare work for healthcare providers, associations, businesses, individuals and families alike?

The Karis Group has experienced healthcare both as a user and as a business providing benefit services. Our management team has over 90 years of combined healthcare experience and knows what healthcare consumers and businesses alike need and want from the system.

With this in mind, The Karis Group established comprehensive, unique and targeted products and services to meet our clients and customer’s healthcare needs.

The Karis Group offers flexible pricing, tailored options and exceptional service to meet our clients needs helping them save, sell and retain members. We have multilingual Advisors and Advocates, dedicated, experienced customer service and the ability to deliver the products and services our clients and customers need. We aren’t limited in who we can help – we make healthcare work for everyone:




The Karis Group has tailored solutions for individuals and families, too! Reach out to us to learn more about these opportunities.