Mike Martin

President and CEO

Mike was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana before moving to Central Texas in 2003.

The attainment of a Bachelor of Science and Masters in Public Administration degree from Louisiana State University after completing military service was the foundation of Mike’s life-long career of service to others. It was during his years as a healthcare CEO that his passion for the patients led him to champion causes for quality, affordable patient care – regardless of ability to pay.

Mike’s experience as a seasoned healthcare executive coupled with a real desire to serve others led him to The Karis Group in January 2010. Having witnessed the devastation that the incongruencies in healthcare pricing structures, reimbursement mechanisms and collection systems have on the average family in America, Mike saw an opportunity to “have a transformational impact on peoples’ lives” through the products and services offered by Karis.

With his wife of over 35 years, Mary Beth, the Martin household has been an adventurous place as they raised two very creative children and is now delighting in watching four grandsons grow up.

Learn a little more about Mike:

Favorite Book
The Bible – it was truly transformational in my life.

Favorite Weekend Activity
Yard work / gardening – one can readily see the fruit of one’s labor, and it is always good to work physically hard without a telephone or computer around.

Favorite Quote
“Love never fails.” 1 Corinthians 13:8b